ANNOUNCE: Glade-- 1.1.2


Glade-- 1.1.2


Glade-- is a backend for glade and glade-2 to create C++ sources (gtk-- and
gtkmm2, in any combination).
Glade is an graphical user interface builder for gtk/gnome.

NOTE: glade-- 1.1.0+ is usable for both Gnome and Gnome2!


- creation of virtual callbacks 
        [use --non-virtual-callbacks to turn it off]
        (this removes static_cast<>ing, which might count as an ugly
        Beware: this changes many things, and perhaps breaks some
        E.g. custom widgets with signals which provide arguments do not
                work without a xml specification. See
                docs/glademm-callbacks.example (in CVS) for an example.
- do toplevel widget) for gtkmm2


- signal->signal connection in 2.0 fixed (no more .slot() )
- sane toplevel widget memory management ! 
        (new/delete, no (not working) manage())
- box packing fixed for newer gtkmm2
- some bugfixes and newer glade-2 file support (e.g.
- fixed glade-2's GtkFixed (thanks to Mark Jones for insisting to fix it)
- fixed gtkmm1 Notebook:switch_page arguments
- fixed glade 1.1.2 frames
- support 1.1.2 placeholders (simply forgot to implement new scheme)
- tons of fixes by Mark Jones (textview,, button, dialog)


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