ANNOUNCE: GNOME applets and 1.4.1 is released

Hi lovers of applets.

A couple of new release of gnome-applets has hit the ether. I apparently
forgot to announce :) 

Improvements from earlier releases.

News for gnome-applets-1.4.1:

- general

	* Build fixes. <drk sgi com>, Havoc, Gediminas
- drivemount

	* Don't try to read files that haven't been opened yet. From 2.0.x.
	  Fixes #80335.
- geyes

	* Optimize the movement of the eyes. Less jitter. From bugzilla.
- gtik

	* Fix the URL so that this actually works after yahoo
	  changed it. (Remi Cohen-Scali)
	* NULL-terminate the authors array. From 2.x. (Kjartan)

- gweather

	* Fix so you can get the temperature even if there's no dew.
	  Fixes #82335. (Kevin)

- mini-commander

	* Make the prefs dialog resizable. (Kevin)
	* Fix background color (Kjartan). #57722
	* Fix for processes hanging in <defunct> state. (Lionel Elie Mamane)

- multiload

	* Fix a string that was misleading. (Kjartan)

- quicklaunch

	* Make it look better on a vertical panel (Kjartan)

- translations

	* Norwegian, Swedish, Vietnamese, Chinese (Taiwanese), Euskara,
	  Portugese, French, Japanese, Slovak, Korean

News for gnome-applets- release:

- general

	* Man pages for all applets (Christian Merillat)
	* Updated translations (az, el, es, no, nn, pt, pt_BR, sk, sv, zh_TW ++)
	* build fixes for gnome-vfs dependecies (Maciej)

- asclock

	* Bring back the timezone stuff and make it really work (Kjartan)
	* Clean up handling of tempfiles and some code cleanup (Kjartan)

- gkb

	* Remeber configuration. (Israel celorio com)
	* Fix Slovak keymap. (Marcel Telka)
	* Add Ukrainian keymap. (Leonid Kanter)
- gnotes

	* Robustness fixes (Kjartan)
	* Fix for multibyte languages with default GTK+ style (jihuang gate sinica edu tw)

- gtik

	* Make it use gnome-vfs. Much smoother operation. (Jim)
	* Sanitize the font selector dialogs (Jim, Kjartan)
	* Clean up memory management - less segfaults (Jim)

- gweather

	* Fix a crash with a NULL http request. (Kjartan)
- mixer

	* Portability fixes for Solaris (NN)

- modemlights

	* Make both TX and RX have green lights so people won't be scared
	into thinking the red lights indicate errors. (Kjartan)
Downloads at:


Kjartan Maraas

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