GTetrinet 0.4.3


GTetrinet 0.4.3


GTetrinet is a Tetrinet client using Gtk+ and GNOME-libs.
Tetrinet is a variant of the popular Tetris brick game, that can be
simultaneously by 6 players. GTetrinet's goal is to remain completely
compatible with the Windows, original client. Tetrinet clients need to
connect to a dedicated server in order to be useful. GTetrient only
the client part, but there are plenty of available servers around.
Look at for a list of servers.


Ok, we lied, and here's another GNOME1.4-based release. This collects a
few patches people have sent in. Thanks to Cougar and James Antill for
their contributions.


- IPv6 support!
- Add missing includes so i18n works correctly.
- Minimize the space used by attacks/defenses.
- Add different colours to attacks/defenses, depending on their type
  and who they affect.
- Fix the random ordering of special blocks.
- Change keybindings for page switching to Alt-1, Alt-2 and Alt-3.
  See the manpage.


Jordi Mallach Pérez  --  Debian developer
jordi sindominio net     jordi debian org
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