acme 1.99.4

Hey hey,

acme "Hedonism" 1.99.4 has hit the shelves, my head, and rebounded on my
personal website.

So what's it ?

This is ACME, a small tool for your laptops. It makes the small
multimedia buttons on these things actually do something. It currently
only fully supports Apple laptops (iBooks and Powerbooks), although it
should work on other systems as well.

Supported is:
- Volume keys (Mute, Volume Down, Volume Up)
- Brightness keys (kernel 2.4.18-rc2-benh minimum, only PPC)
- Eject (just launches "eject")
- Power (asks to exit the current Gnome session)

And what's new ?

Since 1.99.3:
- eject command is configurable for "power users", via gconf-editor
(note that this won't be made configurable via the preferences GUI, if
eject doesn't work for you, file a bug against it)
- added sound playing when the volume is changed (I recommend
  /System/Library/Sounds/Purr.aiff from your MacOS X partition)
- UI reviewed by Calum, cleanups, icon for the preferences window by

And where do I get it ?

Last words ?

Read the README before asking any questions. Or I get angry. And "You've
never seen me very upset", as Tom Cruise puts it.

/Bastien Nocera

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