ANNOUNCE: New bonobomm tarballs

The libbonobo*mm libraries provide C++ interfaces for the libbonobo* libraries. 
They will become part of gnomemm when the ORBit2 C++ support is merged into the
main branch after GNOME2.

*** libbonobomm 1.3.0

This is a first version. It provides pre-generated CORBA stubs and skels. It will 
also provide CORBA server implementations of Bonobo interfaces.

*** libbonobouimm 1.3.1

This provides wrappers for the Bonobo widgets, for use with gtkmm. It also 
provides server implementations of Bonobo interfaces.


* Added server implementations - both C++ implementations and C++ wrappers 
  of C implementations.
* generated CORBA stubs/skels moved to libbonobomm library.
* generated widget and server wrapper sources are now distributed
* "hello" example updated for the new structure. It is now much smaller.

*** Requirements 

This requires the cpp branch of ORBit2. 
You can get that like so: 
cvs co -r cpp ORBit2.

The cpp branch of ORBit2 is just-good-enough to be used with simple
Bonobo stuff. The mappings for more complex CORBA interfaces and
structures are being worked out properly in the orbit-cpp-cactus branch.
However, that branch is probably not able to compile all of Bonobo.idl.

You will also need the latest gtkmm-1.3.x 

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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