Gnome-Media 1 287.113 released for GNOME2

Hey party people in the place to be.

Gnome Media 1.287.113 "Burn all flags" is released.

Yey!!! Bringing you the newest release of gnome-media the bestest, most
gnomeiest, everyone's favouritist collection of media related
thingies[1]. After a stringent[2] tough QA process[3] gave us the okay,
we decided that 1.176.0 sucked and we needed a new version to be out.

What's new?

I have no idea, it's been so long and so much stuff has changed, I've
forgotten. The only thing I remember without looking at the ChangeLogs
is that the version number is different.

So, according to the ChangeLogs:


        * Fixed many many bugs.
        * Solaris support (by Balamurali Viswanathan)
        * FreeBSD support (by Theo van Klaveren)
        * Enable the track editor to start.
        * Made accessible (by Jayaraj Rajappan)
        * Session support (by Balamurali)
        * New icons (execpt for the Eject button) (TigerT)
        * Only show the "Close tray" options if your OS supports the
          ioctl. (me)


        * Add a trackeditor. (me)
        * Add get and set methods to the IDL. (me)
        * Improve the CDDB parser so that it can find out the info from
          the comments
        * Improve lifetime management. (me)
        * Code to write out a CDDB entry. (me) 
        * Fixxy bugs (me)
        * Accessibility fixes to the track editor (Jayaraj Rajappan)


        * Changed instances of GMix to Gnome-Volume-Control (me)
        * Fixed problems with the Preferences box. (me)
        * Use GConf. (me)
        * Instant apply preferences dialog (me)


        * Use GtkMessageBox functions (me)
        * Make it really good (loads of people)
        * Use GConf (me)
        * Instant apply preferences dialog (me)
        * New icons (tigert)
        * Make repeats play the correct number of times (me)
        * If SOX isn't available, you can't record (me)
        * Fix mono recording (Wolfgang Ortner)
        * Move the menus around (me, Calum)


        * Make it draw all the LEDs and not crash. (me)

See, loads of stuff.

Where is it?
------------ somewhere.

Any other funny quips?

Can't think of any.


[1] Technical term, don't worry if you don't understand.
[2] SP
[3] "It compiles, ship it"

"Everybody thinks of changing humanity and nobody thinks of changing
	- Leo Tolstoy.

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