GGV 1.99.2

"The Useable"

Well, exactly a quarter of a century after being delivered to this world
(ack, don't I have a life?), I've decided to deliver to you the first
really usable version of your next generation postscript previewer, the
popular Gnome Ghostview.

What's new?

* we display Ghostscript errors
* the art of drag'n'drop has finally been mastered
* control is now usable in GNOME 2 nautilus (patch courtesy of I_aki
García Etxebarria - sorry, evolution cowardly refuses to display the
missing letter)
* popup menu is now finally in place - now you can restore your hidden
menubar without messing around with gconftool
* you can now zoom to fit width with a single click
* a score of minor bugs has been eliminated
* updated translations: portuguese, polish, danish, finnish, norwegian,
slovak and swedish

Available at
after the mirrors sync, of course...

have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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