ANNOUNCE: gnome-pim 1.4.5 "It's not dead, Jim"

                                 Gnome-PIM 1.4.5

You all thought it's dead and gone, but here it is: A bug-fix release
for Gnome-PIM, the Gnome Personal Information Manager, including a
calendar and an address book.

This release fixes many bugs; most of the credit should go to Christian
'biesi' Biesinger, who also did a great job at cleaning up gnome-pim's
Bugzilla section. Gnome-PIM 1.4.5 is available at:


The 1.4.x branch of Gnome-PIM will not see any new features, and is only
kept for backwards-compatibility reasons. Currently work is under way
to port Gnome-PIM to the Gnome 2 platform. We hope to be able to provide
a first working pre-alpha tar-ball soon. For now please have a look at
the Gnome 2 branch in the gnome-pim repository at

Plans for the Gnome 2 release include a complete port to the Gnome 2
platform, including removal of all deprecated functions, rewrites of
certain parts of gnome-pim to make use of new features like the new
tree view widget or the glib object system, compliance with the current
version of the Gnome HIG (including instant apply and similar features),
and - as time allows - the creation of Evolution-compatible Bonobo
components and containers.

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