MrProject 0.5.90, the "Vi tänker inte bidra till den svenska konspirationen!" release

MrProject 0.5.90 "Vi tšnker inte bidra till den svenska konspirationen!"

Yay! MrProject is now based on the GNOME 2 platform. This is the first
pre-release for GNOME 2.0 and we took the liberty of rewriting the
entire code base. The result, a faster, slicker, meaner and better

We'd like to thank Alvaro del Castillo for all the time he has
provided. He is really getting into the MrProject developement and is
doing a great job, glad to have you on the team!

This is NOT a stable release of MrProject, and those of you that are
using MrProject should not switch over to this version yet.

What is MrProject anyway? 

MrProject is a project management application under development, that
will help build project plans and track the progress of a project.

The development of MrProject is led by CodeFactory as a free software
project, and all code is licensed under the GNU General Public

More information is available at our pretty out-of-date homepage:

Sounds interesting, where do you keep them?

- "Them what?"
- "The screenshots?"
- "Ah, of course, look at";

Ok, I really want to test, where do I get it?

We have splitted up MrProject into two packages, libmrproject and

You can download the packages from:

Hmm, it looks nice and everything, but...

Ok, ok, we understand, you want to file bugs and feature
requests. Currently this is done at:

  The MrProject Team.

Mikael Hallendal                micke codefactory se
CodeFactory AB        
Office: +46 (0)8 587 583 05     Cell: +46 (0)709 718 918

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