Apotheke - A CVS view for Nautilus (Gnome2)

Hi all,

this is the inital release announcement for Apotheke.

What is Apotheke?
Apotheke is a seperate Nautilus view, which gives you detailed information
about CVS managed directories. CVS is the "Concurrent Version System"
which is often used by (free) software projects to manage there
sourcecode. Nautilus on the other side is the filemanager used in Gnome,
which has a very modular architecture and enables 3rd party developers to
extend it easily. Apotheke brings the power of both togehter ;). If you
aren't a developer and don't know what CVS is, this is probably not for

  o displays detailed CVS file information
  o able to execute CVS status command
  o ... more to come

  o Nautilus for Gnome2 and the Gnome2 development libraries.

Where can I get it?
Homepage:     http://triq.net/~pearl/apotheke.php
Download:     http://triq.net/~pearl/download/apotheke-0.1.tar.gz
Screenshot:   http://triq.net/~pearl/images/nautilus-apotheke-shot.png

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are welcome.

Best Regards,


 -= http://triq.net/~pearl =-   -= jens triq net =-

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