Announce: gpaint 0.2.2

This is to announce version 0.2.2 of GNU Paint, an easy to use paint program for
GNOME, the GNU Desktop.  Gpaint does not aim to compete with GIMP but just
provides the basic image editing functions to enrich the facility of the GNOME

This release provides significant usability imprivements over previos releases.
These improvements, contributed by Michael A. Meffie III (meffiem neo rr com),
include the rearrangement of menus so they are easier to understand and 
accessible, more sensible default color settings so young computer users can
begin painting and having fun with the GNU system, Thanks, Michael!

Gpaint is still work in progress and some functions will be added in 
future releases.  For more info, see the included TODO file.

Gpaint 0.2.2 can be downloaded from


For more information, visit gpaint's home page at

Also there are some mailing lists for gpaint, 

info-gpaint gnu org, gpaint announcement list
gpaint-user gnu org,  general gpaint related user discussions, 
gpaint-develop gnu org, discussion list about gpaint development

To subscribe, visit

Andy Tai, atai gnu org

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