ANNOUNCE: Bakery 1.3.1

Bakery is a C++ Framework for creating GNOME applications using gnomemm
and gtkmm. Bakery 1.3.x is for gnomemm2 and gtkmm2.

You will also need Bakery 1.0.2 if you want this to coexist with the old

- Bakery provides a Document/View architecture,
  but it doesn't force you to use the whole architecture.
- Bakery provides default functionality,
  which can be easily customized.
- Bakery makes it easy to start developing GNOME applications.
- Bakery gives your application structure.

More details and downloads are available at


* Added AppInstanceManager to separate the lifetime management of multiple
  App instances from App itself. This also simplifies memory management..
* Created HelpInfo class to better organise the static Help information in App.
* Disabled session management for now, because just connecting 
  Gnome::UI::Client signals seems to cause crashes when windows are deleted.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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