Imlib1 1.9.13 released


Just to let everyone know that Imlib1 1.9.13 is now on the GNOME ftp
site.  This version fixes bug #64745.  It also fixes up some potential
malloc problems.  Hence, this is considered a necessary update.

Also, the behavior of Imlib1 has changed slightly.  In an effort to
improve the security of Imlib1, the ability to use fallback programs
like ImageMagick and netpbm has been disabled.  However, this shouldn't
effect many people, since the fallbacs were used for formats that do
have helper libraries available for *many* platforms (that, and the
fact that if one has convert, you probably also have the needed

If you have any questions, please contact crichton gimp org   Please
file bugs against the imlib1 module in bugzilla.  Please note, I'm only
maintaining this library for posterity sake, don't expect new features.
Please migrate to gdk-pixbuf for that. ;)

Mark Crichton

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