Gnumeric 1.1.1 (development branch)

Gnumeric 1.1.1 aka 'Tweedle Beetle Noodle Poodle Puddle Paddle Battle' is now available.

	Let the good times roll.  Development has been proceeding briskly.
	Things are not ready for use in a production setting (graphs and
	printing are disabled) however, most of gnumeric is functional again
	and working at least as well as v1.0.

	In addition to porting there have been lots of improvements of all
	shapes and sizes.  Jakub has contributed some new artwork,  Andreas has
	been coding like a demon to use GtkTreeView in the revamped 'sheet
	management' dialog and a newly beautified sorting guru.  After some
	useful feedback Morten has been improving precision all over the place,
	even offering an optional use of 'long double' as the primary data type.
	An initial implementation of protection has also been contributed.  Jon
	Kåre deserves a round of applause for deciphering exactly what MS Excel
	means when it generates 'auto' colours (hint do not trust the docs).

	This snapshot has the docs build disabled pending repairs after
	converting to xml.


NOTE : This is a DEVELOPMENT RELEASE it is not supposed to be stable
We do not warrant that it will not cause you, your dog, or that
inflatable doll in the closet, to burst into flame.


		* Fixes to the STF exporter. (#72416, #71783)

		* Port gnumeric_notice to gnome2.
		* Fix #63485.
		* Make the autosave dialog non-modal, port to gnome2.
		* Make the analysis tools warnings non-modal.
		* Make the autocorrect dialog non-modal, port to gnome2.
		* Fix gnome2 specific random tool crash.
		* Destroy outadated dialogs.
		* Port solver dialog to gnome2.
		* Make the solver information dialogs non-modal.
		* Make the goal-seek warnings non-modal.
		* Port consolidate dialog to gnome2.
		* Make the consolidate warning dialogs non-modal.
		* Allow cross-sheet consolidation.
		* Turn sheet-rename dialog into guru.
		* Port filter dialog to gnome2 using the expr-entry
		  widget and improve filter mechanism.
		* Port the plugin manager dialog to gnome2.
		* Improve numerical precision in single factor ANOVA.
		* Correct regression analysis tool (intercept == 0 case).
		* Port and redesign sort dialog.
		* Reenable the expr entry widgets in gurus.
		* Fix about dialog.
		* Convert lots of dialogs to use the new expr entry
		  widget correctly.
		* Add help buttons to various dialogs.
		* Make reordering of sheets undoable.
		* Port zoom dialog and convert it into a guru.
		* Improve Sheet-Order dialog.
		* Make add/modify comment undoable.
		* Make comment clearing undoable.
		* Make comment deletion undoable.
		* Add `Add/Modify Comments' item to cell context menu.
		* Fix 73491.
		* Improve comment popup.
		* Make adding sheet undoable/redoable

	Jakub Steiner:
		* Some new icons.

		* Initial port to gnome2.
		* Enable microhash depend mechanism.
		* Rework the range relocation logic.
		* Rework sheet order dialog and make it a guru.
		* Clean sheet object widget creation.
		* Improve key handling when there are gurus.
		* Crash importing 3d references to external workbooks.
		* move libole2 req into excel plugin, and make it optional.
		* guruify autoformat dialog, and update autoformat code.
		* move format from cell -> value.
		* add an icon to the expr-entry (thanks Jacub)
		* make images available without bonobo, including printing.
		* fix scrollwheels for gnome2.
		* more fixage for libxml2.
		* improve xl import of images.
		* start moving to utf8 internals.
		* fix pango context leak.
		* improve xl95 export.
		* Implement hooks to support per instance depends
		  (eg data sources or INDIRECT)
		* Fix formula guru.
		* Initial pass at dumping the translated function docs into a manual.
		* Cleanup name import from xls, and handling of fwd sheet decls in xl95.
		* Move the font mapping into the core rather than at XL import.
		* Cleanup the sheet's use of dependents.
		* Improve dependent management.
		* Prep for importing external references from XL.
		* Better support for 3d references.
		* Add a sample external data source.
		* fix paste-special.

	Jon Kåre:
		* More correct import of "automatic" colors from Excel.
		* Export "automatic" colors to Excel.
		* Simplify and fix bugs in Excel color import and export.
		* Support cropping in Excel image import.

	Joshua R. Odom:
		* Reorganize the custom pixmaps.

		* Major rewrite of the Solver.  Integrated key parts of the LP
		  Solve 3.2 written by Michel Berkelaar and others.

		* Fix DATE2UNIX.  (Bug 70814.)
		* Fix compiler warnings.  (Well, fix the bugs they pointed out.)
		* Partially clean up regression code.
		* Fix regression's singularity test.
		* Fix validation's use of abs to be fabs.
		* Improve random number generation using /dev/urandom device.
		* Fix Oleo plugin's isdigit usage.
		* Support for --with-long-double
		* Constify C strings.
		* Switch to newer R sources.
		* Fix "make -j" in plugins.
		* Add extra tests for singularity and near-singularity in
		* Clean up Fourier analysis.
		* Fix validation int check.
		* Fix analysis tools crashes.

	Scott Ananian:
		* Update the debian control files.
		* Initial support for WorkbookView::is_protected.

	Wayne Schuster:
		* Implement opening of comment dialog by double clicking marker.

* Availability

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