ggv 1.99.0

nicknamed "The Underdeveloped"

praise the lord! the long overdue (I do have a tendency of not meeting
deadlines lately...) first release of your favourite PostScript
previewer's GNOME 2 offspring is here at last.

this release would still not be here if it weren't for Satyajit Kanungo,
who initiated the GNOME 2 port, doing most of the porting of GtkGS
widget to GTK2 and saving me a lot of effort. great job, thanks!

GGV now comes in a form of a bonobo component, warmly wrapped in a
control interface, and with a small shell to embed it in.

Some features of the old ggv ares still missing and many bugs are still
crawling around, some known and many not yet, just waiting to be
discovered or, even better, squashed by YOU! among the known ones are:

- printing and saving pages are not implemented yet
- GS widget sometimes doesn't resize properly
- refcounting in the control is broken
- dynamically created menu items don't merge themselves properly
- key presses are not passed to control
- popup menu is missing: if you turn off the menubar, there is no way to
get it back until you restart ggv ;)

available at and mirrors:

have fun,


email: jaka gnu org

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