gtranslator R 0.40 ("DEIA") out!

gtranslator R 0.40 (release name "DEIA") is out today and packages are also done by now or they are in the stages of arriving; gtranslator is a gettext i18n editor with many enhanced features (auto translation, learn buffer, querying, replace, removing all translations, colorschemes, and many other uber-features).

It is quite stable by this release and features many new things; besides this it has got now finally an en-light-ened interface with some quite logical usability fixes to make it easier to use/to understand and much overload was removed from the GUI (for example there's no sidebar anymore, the problem with the '·' was solved etc.). Every user of a previous gtranslator release should update his/her copy of gtranslator to the new release as it's the most stable release of the last 15 months I could say.

This release is a quite good result of Peeter's patches, 3 days of hacking by me, Gediminas' healing code lines, Roy-Magne's code corrections and from many bug reports from you users which were good pointers for us developers to solve almost all of the buggy points outstanding in gtranslator; these bug reports were majorly important for us and made us look into the right corners of gtranslator's dark chamber of C code. So, let ya bug :-)

Besides this the web page on has been generally renew'd by content and does now feature more accurate and important informations, especially the FAQ section is much more enhanced by now and many Q&A pairs have been added to there, especially in the fields of learn buffer, auto translating, querying.

Now comes the most important part: where to get this?! Of course at from where you can navigate to the download section and find the official release tarball for gtranslator R 0.40 at:
I hope nobody is unhappy about this new release and that it might be useful for all of you translators using gtranslator or wanting to use gtranslator. Might "DEIA" be a good son/daughter of us gtranslator coders!
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