GARNOME 0.12.0: "... and now you may exhale."

GARNOME 0.12.0: "... and now you may exhale."

GARNOME - the bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers
and tweakers everywhere - is here to stay.

With the impending release of G2D, many GARNOME users were wondering if it
would be maintained after the "big day". It will be. There's a new energy in
the GNOME Project's release culture, so GARNOME will continue delivering
that energy to it's main target audience: testers and tweakers of the GNOME
Desktop, everywhere. :-)

Thank a GNOME hacker today, because we have an exceptional new desktop
thanks to their dedication and work... How amazingly cool.

What's New?

  - All that matters in this release is GNOME 2.0 Desktop & Developer
    Platform Final. ;-)

Where do I get it?

The tarball and documentation are available on the GARNOME website:

Enjoy G2D and GARNOME,

- Jeff

  I wonder how many bugs have gone unfixed due to misspellings of "FIXME".  

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