ANNOUNCE: Dr. Genius 0.6.2


Dr. Genius 0.6.2


The Gnome Interactive Geometry Sofware.

Enhancements & Fixes

    * The position in the figure area of the angle of type ANGLE_2VEC
was not saved, remove this bug.
    * Implement rotation, symmetry, relfexion, translation and scale for
polygon object. It should be handy to teach/demonstrate these
    * Complete theb DrGeo API: (getCoordinates a1) return in a list the
coordinates of a point or vector.
    * Translation of the documentation in spanish by Adrian Ulises Soto.
Update the documentation organization to centralise common documentation
layout in the Doc/drgeniusCommon.tex file. The localised documentation
go in their respective folder (i.e. spanish localisation goes in the
Doc/es folder)
    * Remove the gtk_layout widget from the drawing area, there is a
problem when resizing the figure area. I will look at that issue latter
so user can plug GTK+ widget in the figure area.
    * Several scripts with the same input items parameters can be
created, it was a limitation in previous DrGenius version.
    * Script can be created without any input parameter. The user just
has to click on the background of the figure to create such a script.
    * Remove a bug with tooltips (i.e. tools tips foreground color
becoming grey instead of black) 


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