Gnumeric 1.0.8 has been released

Gnumeric 1.0.8 'Ding Dong the Bug is Dead' is now available.

    This is a medium priority bug fix release, new development is being done in
    version 1.1.x based on gnome2.

* Patches

	* Don't crash on xls import if locale is confused.
	YAY!! I was finally able to replicate this.  We were not handling
	setlocale returning NULL when a user was using a bogus locale.
	* COUNT should only count ints and floats not bools

	* Add Drachma to EURO (If you use our code please _report_ errors)

	* Support implicit conversion from string -> number in scalar graphs.

    Andreas and Morten:
	* make value_as_string as smarter when handling ValueError.

* Availability

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