Boston GNOME Summit Update.

Hey everyone,

The planning for the Boston GNOME Summit continues apace!  Read below
for interesting & important information about our progress, and what
we need you to do if you want to come or be involved in any other way.


    Thanks to Kevin Breit, we now have a registration dealie which you
    can use to indicate to us that you will be attending the Summit.
    We need people to register so that we can get an idea of who is
    coming and how many donuts to buy.  The deadline for registration
    is July 1st and no registrations will be accepted after that date.

    If you would like to attend the Summit and can easily arrange your
    travel, but are worried about the cost of accomodations, you are
    encouraged to register anyway, as we may be able to provide some
    assistance by way of the generous and hospitable couches and
    floors of the Ximian employee base.
    To register for the Boston GNOME Summit, fill out the form at:

    You need to be a GNOME Foundation member to attend the Summit.  If
    you want to attend the Summit and are not yet a member, then you
    should apply for membership here:


    The main purpose of the Summit is to assemble a bunch of GNOME
    hackers for communal hacking and drinking of beer.  Therefore, our
    intent is not to coordinate a highly formalized schedule of
    prepared talks and BOFs and other things such as you might have
    grown accustomed to encountering at more professionally run

    However, to make the Summit a productive event, we would like to
    have several talks and several workshops.  

    The talks will be broadly focused on key, project-wide issues such
    as: the GNOME Office roadmap, API/ABI compatibility, multimedia
    support in GNOME, and so on.  Ideally these talks will help us
    understand and set the direction for future GNOME releases,
    particularly GNOME 2.2.

    The workshops will be opportunities for various subprojects to get
    together, work through common issues, talk, plan, etc.  Some
    workshops may want to focus on solving specific problems, whereas
    some might simply be opportunities for developers who work
    together every day online to meet face-to-face.

    For people who are, at a given point in time, not attending a talk
    or a workshop, there will be a common room with network
    connectivity for hanging out and hacking and reading data
    found on the Internet.


    If you would like to present a talk at the Summit or to host a
    workshop, please mail your idea to:

        gnome-planning-summit gnome org

    You don't need to write an abstract or anything like that.  We're
    an informal lot.

Okay for now,

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