Gdk-pixbuf 0.18.0 is released

Dear lovers of sunny weather,

Version 0.18.0 "No White Clouds in My Blue Sky" of the gdk-pixbuf
library has been released.  This is a bugfix release.

Gdk-pixbuf is a library that you can use to load several image formats
(JPEG, PNG, GIF, etc.), scale and composite images with transparency,
and do other simple manipulations.

- Availability:

Users of FTP mirrors may need to wait for them to update from the master

- Changes in this release:

* Fixed the RGB 565 MSB -> MSB case in gdk-pixbuf-drawable - #79190

* Fixed alignment issues in the BMP loader - #84083 (Federico).

* Merged pixops.c from GTK+ HEAD as of 2002/Jun/18 (Federico).



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