GNOME Utilities 2.0.0 "Zivot je jinde"

Bedroom, Dublin, Ireland -- June 17, 2002 -- the GNOME project today
proudly announced the release of gnome-utils 2.0.0, targeted for the
"GNOME 2.0 Platform and Desktop" release. Much has changed since
the initial start of the project in late 1998 and this release marks
the start of a more intuitive and appealing user interface, coupled
with the port to the new GNOME 2.0 platform.

It is available at the following location -

GNOME Utilities is a collection of small applications all there
to make your day just that little bit brighter [*].

System Log Viewer       Monitor and view system log files.

Character Map           Select characters from a table and insert them
                        your applications.

Calculator              A simple mathematical and scientific 
			calculator that includes arithmetic, 
			trigonometric, and logarithmic functions.

Search Tool             Search for files on your system using simple and
                        advanced search options.

Dictionary              Look up an online dictionary for definitions and
                        correct spelling of words.

Archive Generator       Create archives from collections of files and
                        folders using gzip compressed archive files.

Floppy Format           Format floppy disks under Linux.

"I could say good and whacky things about it [gnome-utils], but I'm too
lazy" - Bastien Nocerra

"GNOME Utilities taught me to shave" - Jeff Waugh

GNOME Utilities has the following requirements -

        intltool        >= 0.21
        libgnome        >= 2.0.0
        libgnomeui      >= 2.0.0
        libglade        >= 2.0.0
        libbonoboui     >= 2.0.0
        libgnomevfs     >= 2.0.0
        libpanel-applet >= 2.0.0

Many thanks, in particular, to John Fleck, George Lebl and Kevin
Vandersloot, and to the following people for making this release what it
is -

Ali Akcaagac, Josh Barrow, Jacob Berkman, Jonathan Blandford, Ross
Burton, Anders Carlsson, Abel Cheung, Dennis Cranston, Zbigniew Chyla,
Stephane Demurget, John Fleck, Mikael Hallendal, Lauris Kaplinski,
Satyajit Kanungo, Rajeev Karale, Santhana Krishnan, Sasi Kiran Lanka,
George Lebl, Gaute Lindkvist, Josh Lucas, Paolo Maggi, Kjartan Maraas,
Carlos Perello Marin, Yogeesh Mathighatta, Mark McLoughlin, Federico
Mena Quintero, Muktha Narayan, Seth Nickell, Bastien Nocera, Narayana
Pattipati,Gediminas Paulauskas, Havoc Pennington, Chris Phelps, Deepa
Chacko Pillai, Aruna Pourhit, Senthilkumar Ramasamy, Arvind Samptur,
Ganesan Sethuraman, Andrew Sobala, Samuel Stringham, Adam Sulmicki,
Hidetoshi Tajima, Owen Taylor, Malcolm Tredinnick, Kevin Vandersloot,
Sander Vesik, Xing Wang and David Westlund.

Extra special thanks also go to our poor documentation folks whose
continuing 'sigh's are not completely unnoticed. We love you too.

Daniel Carrera, Nicholas Curran, Pat Costello, John Fleck, Eugene
O'Connor, Irene Ryan and Patanjali Somayaji.

And without our translators our software would be nothing. Also huge
thanks go to the following, whose tireless work we perhaps never really
appreciate. You guys ROCK.

Vincent van Adrighem, Hasbullah Bin Pit, Pablo Gonzalo del Campo, Abel
Cheung, Zbigniew Chyla, Gustavo Maciel Dias Vieira, Christophe Fergeau,
Valek Filippov, Vlad Harchev, Wang Jian, Yanko Kaneti, Mantas
Kriauciunas, Takayuki Kusano, Ole Laursen, George Lebl, Tõivo Leedjärv,
Duarte Loreto, Kjartan Maraas, Dmitry G. Mastrukov, Christophe Merlet,
Christian Meyer, Bastien Nocera, Mohamad Afifi Omar, Gediminas
Paulauskas, Germán Poo-Caamaño, Christian Rose, Changwoo Ryu, Pablo
Saratxaga and Stanislav Visnovsky.

[*] And some that don't -

gdialog                 Command line application used to display UI 
			dialogs that can be used within shell scripts.

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