ANNOUNCE: Metacity-Setup 0.5


Metacity-Setup 0.5


This program is simply a much easier way to configure 
Metacity then having to use gconftool or gconf-editor.  It 
allows you to change themes, focus settings, and the number 
of workspaces.  Also, it provides an simpler way to install


Applied patch from Tony <a_a_c bellsouth net> which fixes a bug when
sarching for themes
Drag and Drop now works for tar.gz'ed themes(90% of the time.  Having
problems with an occasionaly freeze)
Added session management
Added "_Install new theme" button which opens the install dialog
Added "_Go to theme folder" which does just what it sounds like
Added "_Refresh theme list" button which also does what the name suggests
Added French Translation from frederic Toussaint
<ftoussin club-internet fr>
Changed Icon, provided by above
Cleaned up code


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