[gtkmm] ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 1.3.15

*** gtkmm2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. This unstable branch of gtkmm
wraps gtk+ 2.0.x

*** Changes

Highlights of this release are custom CellRenderer examples and a
Glib::Dispatcher class for simple cross-thread communication.

* Major low-level GObject changes to allow on-the-fly GType
registration. This allows creation of custom TreeView CellRenderers in
C++, and should allow implementation of GTK+ Interfaces in C++. See
  (Daniel Elstner)
* Gtk::Notebook: Restored the STL-style interface, but this time
   (Martin Schulze)
* Gtk::TreeSortable: set_sort_func() now uses SigC C++ Slots instead of
C callbacks.
   (Jarek Dukat)
* Glib::Dispatcher:  A special libsigc++ signal for easy inter-thread
communication through a pipe. See examples/thread/dispatcher and
  (Daniel Elstner)
* Added optimisation that allows us to use C++ types even in default
signal handlers, so there should soon be no C types anywhere in the
gtkmm interface. (Daniel Elstner)
* Added comments to the C<->C++ callback hookups. (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::MenuShell and MenuBar implementation cleanup. (Daniel Elstner)
* Gdk::Pixmap/Bitmap implementation simplified. (Daniel Elstner)
* Gtk::Widget:
   - new enum Gtk::WidgetFlags.
   - width() renamed to get_width(). Likewise height().
  (Daniel Elstner)
* Gdk::Drawable: More use of C++ types, and constness fixes. (Daniel
* Gtk::Style: Wrap gtk_paint_*() functions. (Daniel Elstner)
* Gtk::Stock:
  - Implement Gtk::Stock::add().
  - StockItem: Allow checking for null.
  (Daniel Elstner)
* Gtk::Paned::pack(): Uses the AttachOptions enum instead of unreadable
  (Daniel Elstner)
* Removed need for wrap_specific_type(). (Daniel Elstner)
* Removed Gtk::Kit typedef. Just use Gtk::Main. (Daniel Elstner)

*** Download 


You will need the alpha release of libsigc++1.1, available here: 

If you wish to install this in parallel with gtkmm-1.2, you will first 
need to update to the latest libsigc++1.0.x, available here: 

*** Development 

This is an unstable release, currently under heavy development. You can
cvs instructions here: 

The CHANGES file describes some of the more significant differences 
compared to gtkmm 1.2: 

There is also ongoing discussion on the mailing list: 
and in the #c++ channel on irc.gnome.org  


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