MGT 1.5.0 is out

Hi guys,
This a major release and it has many enhancements with respect to 1.4.x
such as terminal splitting (vertical and horizontal), terminal bonding,
"views", new command line options to add tabs or split existing ones,
text shadow, possibility to detach/attach terminals and much more.
Moreover I fixed also several bugs, especially in terminal emulator
which is now a real VT102.
Features overview:

  now you can horizontally or vertically split terminals, this
  means that you can create in each tabs several tabs    
  splitting existing ones

  Now you can bond terminals so that commands you type go 
  into all the bonded terminals 

  A view is a terminal which accepts no input and which shows 
  output of the "viewed" terminal.

  Now you can add terminals (new tabs or hsplit/vsplit) to  
  current MGT window
  or even launch MGT adding new terminals from command line.

  A a very fine outline is drawn around each character when  
  the terminal is in "image" mode, improving readability 
  (as Eterm does). 

  You can move a terminal from one tab to another one or even
  from an MGT window to another on.
Main bugs fixed:

* selecting a word and then extending selection, word   
  selected got lost

* doing 'make menuconfig' and exiting it resulted in terminal 
  screen corruption

* doing a "long" ls such as 'ls ~ -R' and interrupting it 
  pressing CTRL-C one got bad output.

					enjoy Cristiano

  Cristiano De Michele,
  Department of Physics,
  University "Federico II" of Naples

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