GnomeVFS 2.0.0 released

gnome-vfs 2.0.0

What's New:

 * NNTP method for browsing network news
 * "vfolder" method for handling the panel's virtual menu structure
 * TAR method can read into tarballs
 * Control Center now based on preferences module
 * Support for file monitoring through FAM
 * Support for Portuguese and Malay locales
 * FreeBSD support

What's Changed since GnomeVFS 1.x:

 * Ported to the GNOME 2 platform
 * API cleanups and consistency fixes
 * Split header files between module APIs and public APIs
 * Better API coverage in documentation
 * 64-bit clean
 * Better Solaris support
 * Don't leak memory!
 * Trash doesn't cause performance problems on NFS
 * Performance and memory improvements to the file & ftp modules
 * Dramatic performance improvements to the ssh module
 * Removed GDK dependency
 * Split MIME data into a seperate module (gnome-mime-data)
 * Various bug fixes to the MIME database including loading much faster
 * Authentication prompts less, caches better
 * XFer more accurately reports progress throughout operations

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