GNOME Utilities 1.109.0 " Oh so nearly, but not quite "


Just before everyone gets all excited about a GNOME 2.0 release, he
comes out with a 1.109.0 release. This will be the last limbo release
and we should celebrate it. Celebrate it by finding all the crasher bugs
and crufty translations.

GNOME Utilities is an ambient mix of all your 'wow, I didn't know that
existed' applications, ideal for playing with on a lazy Sunday morning
before the pub opens.

Contents include -
		Character Map
		Archive Generator
		System Log Monitor
		Floppy Formatter

GNOME Utilities 1.109.0 is filmed before a live studio audience and
rated 'mostly GNOME 2'.

				See ya,
					Glynn ;)

============== w h a t 's   c h a n g e d  =================

GNOME Utilities 1.109.0		" Oh so nearly, but not quite "

GNOME Calculator -

	Use _UI_SUBTREE instead of _UI_SUBTREE_STOCK (George)

GNOME Dictionary -
	Fix applet button press hack to use gtk_propagate_event (Arvind)
	Use _UI_SUBTREE instead of _UI_SUBTREE_STOCK (George)
GNOME System Log Monitor -

	Use _UI_SUBTREE instead of _UI_SUBTREE_STOCK (George)

Documentation -

	Update GFloppy docs (John)

Build -

	Add Bulgarian translation (Yanko)

Translations -
	Pablo, Changwoo, George, Tivo, Kjartan, Zbigniew, Christian,
	Yanko, Dmitry, Ole, Gediminas, Hasbullah and Mantas.

Miscellaneous -


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