linc-0.5.0, libIDL-0.8.0, ORBit2-2.4.0, bonobo-activation-1.0, libbonobo[ui]-2.0.0

Hi Guys,

	A load of ABI stable releases just gone out; here are the incremental
notes from the last announced unstable release:


	* fixes
		+ add linc-cleanup-sockets to clean
		  stale sockets from /tmp/orbit-$USER
		+ g_type_init doesn't turn debug on

libIDL-0.8.0: stable ABI/API fozen release

	* link against glib (Mark)
	* build fixes (Jacob)


	* bug fixes
		+ orbit-idl-2 knows its name (Michael)

	* featurelets
		+ bin-compat fiddling (Michael)
		+ accelerated object hashing (Michael)
		+ orbhttp clean (Richard Kinder)
		+ allow fast call disabling (Michael)
		+ shrink stubs yet further (Michael)


	* leak fixes (Michael)
		+ async code
		+ connection dispose
		+ GIOP 1.0 service contexts

	* trace cleanup (Sean Atkinson)
		+ us timestamp printing
		+ ellipsize long strings


	* Bug fixes
		+ crash on server exit (Michael)
		+ build fixage (Jacob Berkman)
		+ remove message of doom (Michael)
		+ dup iid/od on init for python (Michael)

libbonobo 2.0.0

	* Featurelets
		+ add BonoboObject padding (Michael)
		+ add --enable-debug config option (Gustavo Giráldez)

libbonobo 1.117.1

	* Bugs fixed
		+ quiescence after destroy for
		  event-source & listener (Michael)

libbonoboui 2.0.0

	* Add bin-compat padding (Michael)

libbonoboui 1.118.0

	* Bugs fixed
		+ socket resize on show (Michael)
		+ socket sizing badness / inefficiency (Michael)
		+ DockItem glade fixes (Kristian Rietveld)
		+ pixbuf leak fix (Gustavo Giráldez)
		+ control frame CORBA sizing update (Federico)

	All packages can be found at:

 mmeeks gnu org  <><, Pseudo Engineer, itinerant idiot

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