Gnumeric 1.1.5

Gnumeric 1.1.5 aka 'there is no release #4' is now available.

    Lots of fun tibits in here.  Most noteably, Andreas has been kicking the
    printing system into shape so things now work reasonably well, and should
    be alot more usable than 1.0.x.  Jon Kåre's work has paid of in spades,
    Gnumeric can now be embedded in nautilus and libgnumeric is shaping up

    NOTE : We have disabled building 1.1 using gcc-2.96.  There are a few known
       areas where the compiler shipped with RH/Mandrake was causing numeric
       inaccuracies in gnumeric.  If you don't mind that feel free to manually
       remove the prohibition.


    NOTE : This is a DEVELOPMENT RELEASE it is not supposed to be stable We do
	not warrant that it will not cause you, your dog, or your father's
	garter belt, to burst into flame.


	* Implement validation criteria checking.
	* Port part of the string functions to utf8.

	* Improve printing dialogs.
	* Make print-setup changes undoable.
	* Add zoom factor preference.
	* Add sheet selector to print-setup dialog.
	* Fix print range selection.
	* Added new stats function CRONBACH.
	* Improve focus handling in search dialog
	* Persist printer information
	* Add GUI to plugin manager to add/remove extra plugin
	* Add discard all/save all buttons to exit dialog.
	* Add a rescan directories button to the plugin manager
	(Note: this has seen only minimal testing.)
	* Fix bug:

	* fix name definition.
	* Only grab if selection succeeds.
	* Fix drawing glitch when creating unshared views not at A1
	* Copy freeze state and outline info
	* Ignore combos associated with filters.

	* More solver improvements.

	* Cleanup fn-database.
	* Disentangle fn-stat and fn-database.
	* Make fn-database a plugin.
	* Make fn-stat a plugin.
	* Improve goal seek for the case without a proper df.
	* Fix XIRR.
	* Plug leaks and improve speed of string functions.
	* Fix DOLLAR.
	* Fix ROW and COLUMN.
	* Prevent gcc 2.96 compilation.
	* Fix leaks for unknown function stubs.

    Jon Kåre:
	* Install bonobo control
	* Merge bonobo control commands into container's menus
	* Make bonobo control zoomable
	* Enable bonobo control to display message dialog.

* Availability

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