Hi, all

I've written a small panel applet(gnuapplet) that acts as a GUI 
version of gnuclient. gnuapplet can launch GNU Emacs when clicked, 
open an file on GNU Emacs by dragging-and-dropping an icon from GNOME
desktop, and make an icon that contains the name of file or directory
associated with the current Emacs buffer by dragging from the applet.

Get tar.gz from

Gnome-1.4(sorry, I'll work on 2.0 in soon.)
GdkPixbuf 0.11.0 or higher
gnuserv(and gnuclient,,
dtemacs(, or
GNU Emacs(Don't forget to put gnuserv-start setup code to .emacs)
Emacs W3M(

Masatake YAMATO

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