* Added bookmark protocol. You can now connect to a bookmarked site via the

  command line by running: gftp "bookmark://Debian Sites/Debian"
* Several improvements to the text port
* GTK+ 2.0 fixes
* Added ability to parse Cray FTP directory listings
* Fixed crash that would occur if you tried to download a file you didn't
  permission to
* Fixed crash in view/edit file if the transfer was appended onto an
* Fixed bug with current KB/s being wrong if the transfer was interrupted
* Fixed bug when a file was dropped to gftp, the file size wasn't shown
* Fixed crash in bookmarks editor if you tried to save a folder entry
* Disabled older SSH protocol, now only the SSH2 protocol is shown. If you

  require the older protocol, edit your ~/.gftp/gftprc file and set
  enable_old_ssh to 1
* Removed confirm delete, preserve permissions, save geometry and use cache

  options. These are always enabled now
* Removed logfile option. This always defaults to ~/.gftp/gftp.log now
* Removed bring up reconnect dialog option. This wasn't even used
* Removed read_timeout and connect_timeout. Made a new option network
* Allow a URL to be pasted in the host box on the toolbar
* Don't preserve the setuid or setgid attributes for a transfered file (if
* HTTP updates (from John Franks <john math northwestern edu>)
* Updates to USERS-GUIDE (from Steve Stites <stites fastmail ca>)
* Fixed encodings for several po files (from Owen Taylor
<otaylor redhat com>)
* Polish updates (from pbs <pbs linux net pl>)
* Russian updates (from Valek Filippov <frob df ru>)
* Bulgarian updates (from Borislav Aleksandrov <B Aleksandrov cnsys bg> and

  Yanko Kaneti <yaneti declera com>)
* Norwegian updates (from Myckel Habets <myckelhabets netscape net>)
* French updates (from Jerome COUDERC <j couderc ifrance com>)
* Polish updates (from Arkadiusz Lipiec <alipiec adrenalina pl>)
* German updates (from Bernd Leibing <Bernd Leibing rz uni-ulm de>)

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