ANNOUNCE: gtkextramm2 "this is just the beginning"

*** gtkextramm

gtkextramm is a C++ wrapper for the GtkExtra widgets, available from

*** gtkextramm2

Driven by the need of a C++ binding for the GtkSheet widget of
GtkExtra that works in a GNOME2 environment, I started porting
GtkExtra-- to the new platform. The result is gtkextramm2.

*** status

There is no official release of GtkExtra for GTK+ 2.0, but the code is
in CVS. My work builds upon that. Since I need only a wrapper for
GtkSheet, only this is wrapped. There is a (ATM extremly) minimal
example using the GtkSheet wrapper. The wrapper is not yet complete
and untested. 

*** where to get

You will need gtkmm2, available from [1], and gtkextra2, available
from CVS [2], module gtkextra-2. gtkextramm2 is available from CVS
[3], module gtkextramm2.


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