ANNOUNCE: Glade-- 1.1.1b


Glade-- 1.1.1b


Glade-- is a backend for glade and glade-2 to create C++ sources (gtk-- and
gtkmm2, any combination).
Glade is an graphical user interface builder for gtk/gnome.

NOTE: glade-- 1.1.0+ is usable for both Gnome and Gnome2!


- Glademm now _defaults_ to gtkmm 1.2 if you use it with a glade-1 project,
even if gtkmm2 is detected. This means full compatibility to 0.6.4 even if
you install gtkmm2.

Thanks go to Bryan W Headley for insisting on this ;-)

- Improved gtkmm2 code generated by glade-1 projects (ignore some outdated
properties). Now our largest glade-1 project only needs one patch to
compile with gtkmm2: replace Gtk::WINDOW_DIALOG by Gtk::WINDOW_TOPLEVEL


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