GnomeMeeting 0.93.0 aka "The Chloé Release" available

GnomeMeeting 0.93 "The Chloé Release" is ready for download.
It includes the following changes:

- SDL support (video in popup window + fullscreen video) (Damien)
- Improved Quicknet Support (Damien)
- Improved Video Snapshots saving in png's (Damien)
- Support for callto URLs (see FAQ) (Damien)
- Support for URLs at startup via a Bonobo Factory (Damien)
- Improved LDAP browser usability (Damien)
- Added right-click popup menu for video (Damien)
- Made Quicknet optional (Damien)
- Made SDL optional (Damien, Miguel)
- Simplified gconf installation problems detection (Miguel)
- Artsd suspend support (Stefan)
- Flashing messages in the statusbar (Damien)
- Code reorganizations (Kenneth)
- Updated translations: German by Stefan Bruns , Spanish by Jacobo
Tarrio , French by Fabrice Alphonso , Galician by Jacobo Tarrio , Dutch
by Huib Kleinhout , Portuguese by Duarte Loreto , Russian by Leon Kanter
, Slovak by Martin Lacko , Swedish by Christian Rose , Traditional
Chinese by Chung-Yen Chang

Packages for Debian, Suse, and Redhat are available together with the
sources in the download
section. Notice that for Redhat, OpenH323 packages are available but not
the GnomeMeeting package yet. You will have to install the OpenH323
devel packages and compile GnomeMeeting from the sources. Missing
packages are coming soon.


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