ANNOUNCE: gtkmm 1.3.18 "almost frozen"

*** gtkmm2

gtkmm provides a C++ interface to GTK+. This development branch of gtkmm
wraps gtk+ 2.0.x.

We are now seriously pushing for an API freeze. Here are the only know 
outstanding API issues.

Expect the next release to be source-API frozen, and maybe a binary-API frozen
gtkmm 2.0 after that.

*** Changes

* documentation:
    ( See )
    book: Added TreeView chapter.
          Added custom signals section.
          (Murray Cumming)
    reference: Added Menus and TextView groups.
               Added vast amounts of class documentation, and method
               documentation reused from GTK+.
               (Murray Cumming, James Henstridge, Morten Brix Pedersen)
    PORTING: Additions and clarifications. (Jarek Dukat, Morten Brix Pedersen)
    examples: Added menus and custom signals examples. (Murray Cumming)
              Corected original menu examples. (Liam Girdwood) 
    internals: Corrected _DEPS description. (Marcelo Magallon)
* Gtk::TreeView classes:
  - Models columns can be accessed by number, for dynamically-created models.
  - Added overrides to take TreeModel::Rows as well as TreeModel::iterators.
  - Row: Added operator bool(). 
  (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::TextView classes 
   - Added TextBuffer:: typedefs for Tag, TagTable and Mark.
   - TextBuffer: insert() methods now return the new iterator instead of 
     modifying the input iterator, to be more STL-like.
   - Renamed get_start_iter() and get_end_iter() to begin() and end().
   - Made get() methods const.
   (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::Table: The STL-style list now works. It probably never worked before, 
  even in gtkmm 1.2. (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::RadioButton::Group: Simplified copying/passing semantics.
  (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::Menu: Show stock menu item icons. (Christof Petig)
* Glib::IConv: constructor handles errors and throws appropriate exceptions.
  (Jarek Dukat)
* Sun Forte compiler fixes. (Murray Cumming)
* vfunc wrapper generation simplification. (Murray Cumming)
* Gtk::Invisible: Correct constructor bug discovered by
  Tony <a_a_c bellsouth net> (Murray Cumming)
*  gcc 3.1 fixes. (Jarek Dukat, Gergo Erdi)

*** Download

You will need the alpha release of libsigc++1.1, available here:

If you wish to install this in parallel with gtk--1.2, you will first 
need to update to the latest libsigc++1.0.x, available here:

*** Development 

This is an unstable release, currently under heavy development. You can find 
cvs instructions here:

The CHANGES file describes some of the more significant differences 
compared to gtkmm 1.2:

There is also ongoing discussion on the mailing list:
and in the #c++ channel on  

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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