pygtk-1.99.11 and gnome-python-1.99.11

I have just uploaded pygtk-1.99.11 and gnome-python-1.99.11, which include many bug fixes. PyGTK can be downloaded from one of the below locations:

Gnome-python can be downloaded from:

You will also need orbit-python-1.99.0 to compile gnome-python, which is available from: (if it is already installed, you should recomplile it after upgrading pygtk).

The pygtk release has many bug fixes and new features, including:

   * signal handlers now participate in cyclic GC (thanks to Arjan)
   * boxed objects are not copied when calling signal handlers
   * better handling of GdkRectangle arguments.
   * make gtk.TreeModel.iter_next() return an iter representing the
     next row, rather than modifying its argument
   * wrap gtk.TreeModel.iter_parent() and
     gtk.TreeModel.iter_nth_child() correctly.
   * gtk.TreeModel.get_iter() now takes a single argument (the tree
     path) instead of a variable number of integer arguments.
   * treat integers as single index GtkTreePaths (convenient when
     working with gtk.ListStore).
   * fix gtk.Menu.popup() segfault.
   * various other bug fixes and memory leak fixes.

The gnome-python release includes the following:

   * some additions to the GConf wrapper
   * add a gnome.vfs module (still incomplete, but has the basics)
   * updates to work with new PyGTK.

Bugs can be reported at:


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