What is Coriander-0.25 ?

Hi all,

Doh! I forgot to add a description of the project to the new release
announcement for Corainder. Here it goes:

Coriander is an IEEE1394 Digital Camera GUI for Linux. It can be used
with non-compressed video cameras compatible with the IIDC specs
(http://www.1394ta.org), such as webcams and scientific/industrial
cameras. It is *not* designed for DV cameras.

For a list of cameras, visit:


  _    Damien Douxchamps
 (-   PhD Student / Research Assistant
 //\   Image Processing Group, Telecom Laboratory, UCL, Belgium
 V_/_  http://www.tele.ucl.ac.be/MEMBERS/Douxchamps_Damien_e.html

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