ANNOUNCE: Coriander coriander-0.25

Changes in version 0.25

   July 2, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - Capture bugfixes from Clay Kunz.
   July 1, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - added a basic function fo Bayer pattern decoding (for Basler
   Apr 15, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - changed the raw output selection: it is now an option in the
     preferences window. The 'raw' extention is no longer mendatory. 
   - added a 'sequence' option in the scratch options for saving.
     Selecting this option will let you write continuous video
     sequences to disk. This mode is only available with raw dumping
   - updated and applied Dan's patch for interface.c.
   Apr 08, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - Fixed a serious bug in propagation of images within the image
     pipe. This leaded to duplicate images in file saving,...
   Mar 28, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - updated version check macro for libdc1394.
   Mar 26, 2002, by Dan Dennedy
   - change calls to raw1394_destroy_handle to dc1394_destroy_handle
     requires updated libdc1394 from CVS.

   Mar 24, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - finished the interactive region selection for F7.
   - added the 'm' shortcut to switch to max size in F7.
   Mar 23, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - changed the F7 range update policy to 'delayed': the value only
     changes when the mouse does not move. This avoid continuous
     format changes and allow the threads to be restarted a reasonable
     number of times.
   - the ranges for F7 now respect the stepping values thanks to some
     range tweaking.
   Mar 21, 2002, by Damien Douxchamps
   - added a key bindings window in the help menu.

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