GARNOME Preview One: "Grym Liten Hattgubbe"

Announcing GARNOME!

  GARNOME - the bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers and
  tweakers everywhere - is finally released unto the teeming masses. If
  you're dying to try the GNOME 2.0 Desktop, but don't want to fall into the
  depraved addictions and co-dependencies of testing from anonymous CVS,
  then GARNOME is for you.

What is GARNOME?

  It's a bad-ass, bleeding edge GNOME distribution for testers and tweakers
  everywhere. Those not paying attention can stay after class.

  GARNOME is a new distribution of GNOME, based on the GAR ports system by
  Nick Moffitt <URL:>. Right now,
  it builds from the very recent GNOME 2.0 Desktop Alpha 2 release, and
  there are plans afoot to support CVS builds.
  GARNOME will be updated regularly throughout the GNOME 2.0 Desktop testing
  process, and possibly thereafter depending on interest.

What do I need to install GARNOME?


  A sane GNU tool chain.

  The following basic libraries that GNOME depends on; every distribution
  should have these available or installed already. Here are the Debian
  package names as a reference:

    libpng-dev, libjpeg-dev, libtiff-dev
    libgdbmg1-dev (librep)
    libgmp3-dev (librep)
    texinfo (librep)
    byacc, not bison >= 1.3x (bonobo-activation)
    python2.2 + python2.2-xml (libglade)
    sp + docbook-xml (Docbook DTD 4.1.2) + valid /etc/xml/catalog (scrollkeeper)
    libncurses5-dev (gnome-utils)

How do I use GARNOME?

  Unpack the tarball, and optionally tweak the settings in to
  your liking. The defaults should work without problems, however you may
  wish to change the following:

    FILE_SITES: If you've downloaded alpha 2 already, include a link to the
      files here.

	MASTER_SITES: If you'd prefer to use a local mirror, add it at the
	  beginning of this line (mirrors are tried in order).

	BUILD_PREFIX/prefix: Currently the default install location is
	  $(HOME)/garnome. If you'd prefer to install GNOME 2.0 elsewhere,
	  change these two entries.


    cd gnome/meta-gnome-desktop/
    make install

  That's all there is to it; your GNOME 2.0 system will begin to build and
  install immediately. You can install additional packages not provided by
  the meta package by changing to their directories and typing make install.

What if it breaks?

  We'll have a mailing list soon. Before then, email me, or visit #garnome

- Jeff

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                            market." - Liam Quin                            

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