gnome-vfs-1.9.5 The "I love my weiner dog" release

gnome-vfs 1.9.5

* Huge pile of code, now the longest module (George)
* add all-programs scheme (George)
* renname categories to match HIG (Seth)
* make it work right(er) (George, Seth)
* Allow unused folders to be hidden (George)
* Use applications: rather than programs: (Seth)
* Have preferences: be a vfolder (Seth)
* Add monitoring (George, Seth)
* Fix vfolders to work with the control center nicely (Seth)
* give George a hug (Seth)

* Port NNTP module to GnomeVFS2 (Seth)
* Fix crash in NNTP module (Alvaro Lopez Ortega)
* Use gconf_client instead of gconf_engine (Michael)
* Fix RPM spec (Ross Golder)
* Add Portuguese, Malay locales (Duarte Loreto, Husbullah Bin Pit)
* Update count when moving & linking (Darin)
* Preload the GConfClient cache (Havoc)
* Fix OpenSSL lib stuff (Owen)
* Fix general monitoring bugs (George, Seth, Alex)
* Clean out MIME includes (Darin)
* Move man page to gnome-mime-data (Jacob)
* Fix deletion count with subdirs (Anders)

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