libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.102 released (GNOME 2)

libgda/libgnomedb/gnome-db 0.8.102 have been released.

	- replaced BonoboXObject with BonoboObject (gonzalo)
	- fixed IDL compilation (rodrigo)
	- fixed termination of factories, for not leaving them
	  around when no more connections are open (rodrigo)
	- added more API documentation (gonzalo)
	- added new ValueList type, so that we can store lists of
	  values in our CORBA_any's (rodrigo)
	- extended database test suite (gonzalo)
	- 'constified' all public functions (gonzalo)
	- removed SQLite sources from tree and create separated
	  gda-sqlite-provider (carlos)
	- added CommandOption parameter to executeCommand method
	  in the IDL interface (gonzalo)
	- added index schema (gonzalo)
	- added getCommandType and getCommandText methods to the
	  ::Recordset IDL interface (gonzalo)
	- implemented gda_connection_is_open function (cleber)
	- made the GdaConnection object deal directly with data source
	  names, and not with connection strings (rodrigo)
	- added new GdaConnection's accessor functions (rodrigo)
	- fixed connection pools dealing with dead objects (rodrigo)
	- fixed files (menthos)
	- updated translations: no (kmaraas), ms (sebol), sk (stano),
	  sv (menthos), sl (minmax)

	- re-added GnomeDbCombo widget from stable branch (rodrigo)
	- added libglade module (rodrigo)
	- added more API documentation (rodrigo)
	- warning-free compilation (gonzalo)
	- improved grid widget (rodrigo)
	- made GnomeDbDsnConfigDruid work (rodrigo)
	- made GnomeDbDsnConfig work (rodrigo)
	- updated translations: no (kmaraas), ms (sebol), sk (stano),
	  sv (menthos), zh_CN (lark)

	- replaced BonoboXObject with BonoboObject (gonzalo)
	- fixed IDL compilation (rodrigo)
	- fixed stock icons (rodrigo)
	- command sensitization in Bonobo UI (rodrigo)
	- fixed .desktop files installation (rodrigo)
	- added basic session management (rodrigo)
	- added basic functionality to the configuration manager
	- updated translations: no (kmaraas), zh_CN (lark),
	  lv (peterisk), sv (menthos), ms (sebol), sk (stano),
	  sl (minmax)

Rodrigo Moya <rodrigo gnome-db org> - <rodrigo ximian com> -

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