guile-gobject 0.3.0 Released

Hello Happy GNOME schemers!

This is the second public release of guile-gobject the new guile
bindings base for GNOME 2.0. Please be aware that this code is
totally untested and might not even work at all =)

This package includes:

(gnome gobject):the guile implementation for GNOME 2's type system,
libgruntime (glib/gobject in GNOME CVS). It enables not only to wrap
the C glib/gobject API but it aslo gives you full acces to the
new GNOME 2 type system.
(gnome corba): CORBA support for guile.  Depends heavily on ORBit2

The rest of the package contains unfinished and untested gtk bindings.

or through GNOME CVS via the guile-gobject module

-GNOME 2 Platform
-guile 1.5.4

I would like to thank Martin Baulig the original author of this set,
Michael Meeks and James Henstridge who helped me sort out some Gtk+ and
Corba problems.



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