ANNOUNCE: gnomemm 1.3.1

*** gnomemm

The libgnome*mm libraries wrap the GNOME2 libraries for C++, for use
with gtkmm2. They are collectively known as gnomemm.

libgnomeuimm wraps libgnomeui for C++.
libgnomecanvasmm wraps libgnomecanvas for C++.
libgnomemm wraps libgnome for C++.

We have also provided gnomemm as one umbrella package, gnomemm-all, for your 
convenience. This is experimental.

*** Changes since 1.3.0:


* Updated for latest gtkmm (Daniel Elstner)


* vfuncs.defs parsing problems solved. (Karl Nelson)
* Updated for latest gtkmm (Daniel Elstner)
* API review (Murray Cumming, Paul Davis)


* Implemented IconList's STL-style SelectionList using gtkmm's GP_LIST
  macros. (Murray Cumming)
* Updated for latest gtkmm (Daniel Elstner)
* API review

*** Download

You will need the latest unstable gtkmm2, available from the same place.

*** Installation:

The gnomemm libraries should be built and installed in this order:
libgnomemm, libgnomecanvasmm, libgnomeuimm.

Murray Cumming
murrayc usa net

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