ANNOUNCE: gnome-libs is released.

Hi again.

Another gnome-libs has been released for the 1.4.x platform. This one
fixes more bugs and some issues that were introduced in the last
release. Please give it a good round of testing and as always report
bugs in

Tarball at


* New in this release:

        * general:
        - Build fixes. (From bugzilla)
        - Missed a man page (Kjartan, Christian)

        * libgnorba:
        - Make the goad-browser behave and have sane defaults
          for window size (Wayne Schuller)

        - Fix a wrong assert and print info if we can't get
          userinfo from the pwentry. (Richard Kinder)
        * libgnome:
        - Handle a null SHELL better (Debian)
        * gtk-xmhtml:
        - Safer tempfile handling. (Ximian)
        - More errorchecking in a couple of functions to handle being
          passed NULL parameters. (Wayne Schuller)

        * libzvt:
        - Support for dtterm window manipulation/info-request
          escape sequences. <vivek etla org>.
        - Fix off by one error in underline handling. (Ximian)

Kjartan Maraas

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