Gdk-pixbuf 0.16.0 is released

Dear lovers of MMX code,

Version 0.16.0 "Deadly Yellow Snow" of the Gdk-pixbuf library has been
released.  This is a bugfix release.

* Availability:

(You may have to wait for the main FTP site or the mirrors to update).

* Changes in this version:

- Merged fixes in GTK+ 2.0 to the pixops directory.  This should fix
  some memory overruns in the scaling/compositing code (Merge by
  Federico; fixes by Owen Taylor, Michael Hore, Sven Neumann, 
  Darin Adler).

- Merged the endianness conversion fixes from the GDK version into the
  Xlib version; oops (Federico).

- Minor documentation improvements (Federico).



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