ANNOUNCE: gnome-core released

I'm pleased to announce the immediate availability of a much improved
gnome-core package. This also contains some new features:

- builtin screendump functionality in the panel (alt+prtsc)
- translucent panel
- much improved session management

As always - new code equals new bugs - so please test the new
functionality and report all bugs to
(remember - always use the latest bug-buddy :)

Tarballs available at:


News for gnome-core-

- general

	* Brand new man-pages for all binaries (Christian Marillat)
	* Tons of build improvements
	* Mucho nuevo translationes.
	* Use intltools
- panel

	* It is now translucent (Ian)
	* Better behavior towards window managers (Havoc)
	* Has fewer races and crashes (George)
	* Has screendumping functionality (Jonathan, Anders, George)
	* Cinerama (multiscreen) support (George)
	* Too many things to mention. Memleaks, robustness, bugfixes etc
- gnome-terminal

	* Red Hat's patches merged. Should make things work for multi-byte
	languages etc (All the Red Hat hackers)
	* Lots of correctness and robustness fixes (Malcolm)
	* Copy menuitem added (Darin)
	* Paste pastes the clipboard (Havoc)

- gsm

	* Should be much closer to actually working. (Alan, Glynn, George, Havoc)

- help-browser

	* Made much more robust (George)
	* No more remote browsing (Red Hat)

I won't mention all the translators specifically since they have all
updated their stuff, but a big hand to them anyway.


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