RadioActive 1.3.1 "Do not use the F word in release codenames"

And by F word, I do mean the word "Fuck".

Anyway, I new old [1] release of RadioActive, the command-line/GNOME/Panel
Applet combo radio tuner application is available at

It has a LOT of new translations (the GNOME-i18n team deserves a big
'you guys rule', for providing translations in 20 languages), and
build-time fixes (a.k.a. 'hopefully that idiot didn't leave half the files
out ths time').

Oh, and of course it rules and rocks and everything.

The moral of this release is that you should
	1, always test dist tarballs before uploading them
	2, always, ALWAYS tag releases in CVS so you don't have to
	   retroactively goof around and generally act confused

[1] If you've seen messages on the RadioActive website or my Advogato
diary about the internal reorganization, this has nothing to do with that.
A separate 1.4.0 will be released (hopefully shortly) containing the new
code design and some new features.

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