RELEASE: gnome-libs

Hi all.

I'm pleased to announce the availability of another gnome-libs release
for the stable 1.4.x series. This will be a part of the upcoming release
candidate of the GNOME 1.4.1 release so please give it a real beating
and report any bugs found in

You'll find the package, diffs and md5sums at when the mirrors are synchronized.

Special thanks to the Miguel de Icaza for reviewing tons of patches from
various places and for letting me do this release in the first place.

Short list of improvements:



* New in this release:

	* general:
	- Parallell install fixes (Havoc, Darin)
	- Man pages (Christian Marillat)
	- Fix compilation with db1 (Frank Belew)
	- Loads of new translations (Translation heros)

	* devel-docs (zvt):
	- Don't build docs at 'make' and 'make install' time. (Kjartan)
	* gtk-xmhtml:
	- Fix loads of compiler warnings. (Kjartan)
	- Apply all patches from Red Hat's packages. (Kjartan)
	- Fix a couple of crashes. (k_wayne linuxpower org)
	- Parallell install fixes. (Havoc)
	* libart_lgpl:

	- art_affine_expansion(): Use absolute value in computation.
	- Fix compiler warnings (Kjartan)

	* libgnome:

	- Use full name in in highscore code in gnome-score.c
          (Andrey Panov)
	- Portability fixes (Kjartan)
	- Fix url handler on first load (Red Hat)
	- Mem leak in gnome-mime.c (Jody)
	* libgnomeui:
	- Fix crashes in gnome-mdi (John Finlay)
	- Fix to work with KDE SM + other SM fixes (Red Hat)
	- Make GnomeCanvasSuckTextFont() work better with multibyte
          (Red Hat)
	- Compiler warning fixes (Kjartan)
	- Check that the widget is drawable before queuing a redraw in
	  gnome-canvas (Federico)
	- i18n fixes in gnome-about (Kjartan)
	* support:
	- Compiler warning fixes (Christian Marillat)
	* zvt:
	- Report mouse wheel events correctly to apps (Xavier Bestel)
	- Fixes for multibyte handling and more (Red Hat)

Enjoy and report all bugs to 

Kjartan Maraas

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