ANN: Pan "Rommelspargel"

Pan, "Rommelspargel", has been released.
It can be found at
What is Pan?

        Pan is a newsreader, loosely based on Agent and Gravity, which
        attempts to be pleasant to use for new and advanced users alike.
        It has all the typical features found in newsreaders and also
        supports offline newsreading, article filtering, multiple connections,
        and a number of extra features for power users and alt.binaries fans.

        It's also the only Unix newsreader to get a perfect score on the
        Good Net-Keeping Seal of Approval evaluations.  See for the rest of the
        sales pitch.


        This version adds easier visual cues for new/unread/old articles,
        support for Microsoft "SPA" authentication, some speed tweaks,
        dialogs that are friendly to 800x600 screens, a fix for a very
        big memory leak, and a handful of other important bug fixes.

        A revision number of >= 90 is used to flag this release as a beta
        without confusing RPM's feeble brain with a name like "0.11.2-pre1".

What's New in


        * The thread pane now looks like many GUI mail clients in that it
          boldfaces articles with new replies and greys out read articles
          to show which articles are new, unread, and old.  Also, when a
          thread is collapsed, the subject column will tell how many new
          replies are in the collapsed thread.  Thanks to Jed Baer,
          Douglas Bollinger, and Andreas Ollinger for working these ideas
          through to consensus on the pan-users mailing list.

        * Added support for Microsoft Secure Password Authentication ("SPA")
          so that Pan will work with Microsoft NNTP servers.  Thanks to the
          Samba team for writing the SPA authentication code and to 
          Marc Prud'hommeaux for plugging it into Pan!

        * Pan now has a Greek translation!
          Thanks to Simos Xenitellis for contributing this.

        * Added the ability to specify, on a per-Profile basis, the
          domain name to be used in the Message-Id header in new posts.
          This can be used to point to your proper domain or just
          for privacy's sake.

        * Added new regression tests to the testing module.


        * The Preferences Dialog now fits on an 800x600 screen
          and has other UI improvements.

        * Better error reporting on disk I/O errors
          (full disk, permissions errors, etc.)

        * About two dozen small speed tweaks.

        * We now support POSIX extended regular expression syntax,
          giving us support for operators like '?'.  Thanks to
          Chris Petersen for suggesting this.

        BUG FIXES

        * Fixed huge 0.11.1 memory leak.

        * Fixed bug that caused some attachments to be decoded incorrectly.
          Thanks to Dave at dalrun for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed crash that seemed to happen for no reason when reading new

        * Fixed thread safety bug in the article cache.

        * Fixed thread safety bug in the Task Manager backend.  Thanks
          very much to Christian Suder for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed crash that could sometimes occur when cancelling tasks or
          going offline from the Task Manager.

        * Fixed crash when overriding the system defaults for article 
          foreground and background colors. This crash seems to be related
          to specific GTK themes. Thanks to T'Az and Krishna Naik for reporting
          this problem.

        * Fixed crash that occurred when incomplete identities were entered
          in the Profile Editor.  Incomplete profiles can no longer be entered.
          Thanks to nhodge1 for reporting this bug. (67311)

        * Fixed bug that caused Pan to crash when an invalid rules xml file
          was read.  Thanks to Roger Gregory for reporting this bug.  (67657)

        * Double-clicking a URL would open up to three browsers if the
          browser wasn't already running. Note: URLs only need a single click.
          Thanks to Mart van de Wege for reporting this.  (68009)

        * Fixed bug that accidentally downloaded a couple of old articles
          in the "Get New Headers" command.

        * If Followup-To is set to 'poster', only send the article as an
          email.  Thanks to Christian Lohmaier for reporting this bug.

        * Fixed mistake in 0.11.1 that used "supercede" instead of "supersede"
          when superseding articles.

        * Fixed bug in importing grouplists from Pan version 0.9.6 and older.
          Thanks to Brandon McCombs for reporting this bug.

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