ANNOUNCE: pygtk 0.6.9 and gnome-python 1.4.2

New releases of pygtk and gnome-python on the stable branch are now

As with previous stable releases, the gnome-python package includes a
copy of pygtk (note that for development versions of gnome-python you
need to install pygtk separately).

It is recommended that all users of stable pygtk or gnome-python upgrade
to this release.  As well as many bug fixes, this release also has some
modifications to the code generator that catch a number of NULL returns.
 This makes pygtk handle some error conditions better (returning None
rather than crashing the interpreter by dereferencing a NULL pointer).

Also, the build system has been updated to use autoconf-2.52 and
automake-1.5.  This means that a beta version of automake is no longer
needed to build from cvs, and should give easier to debug errors when
people have trouble configuring pygtk.

For people working with the development gtk and gnome platforms, the
latest snapshots of pygtk and gnome-python are available at:


Email: james daa com au

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